Superman Saves the Shuttle! SuperHeroKids Episode 3 - "Freefall" -

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Intrusting Stuff

Clark Kent begins his day like any other Metropolis citizen, getting up and heading off to work to make a living. The days may start off normal, but for Superman, they rarely stay that way. This day is no different...

When news reports start coming in to the Daily Planet that Wayne Enterprises’ latest hi-tech project is facing a serious mid-air emergency, threatening the safety of thousands, our hero must act quickly if he’s going to help. With no time to spare, Superman leaps into action to save the day, hoping to rescue the people in time, and if possible, save his friend’s company from ruin.

Music Credits:
"Hero Down"
"Procession of the King"
"Ossuary 6 - Air"
— Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod,, under Creative Commons License.

"Soldier of Fortune"
— Courtesy of Scott Buckley, Licensed under Creative Commons.

"The Planets"
— by Gustav Holst, Public Domain.

Filmed on location at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame.

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