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Top 10 Thinnest Things You Won't Believe Exist - VideoRolls.com

By: BE AMAZEDPublished: 5 months ago

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Technology seems to be getting thinner and thinner. But how thin can we go? Find out with these incredible small and slim things!
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Be Amazed at the thinnest things you won't believe exist in the world! Achernar - This is something that's not actually thin by our puny human standards, but is worth mentioning simply due to its very bizarre appearance and form. The Vivo X5 Max - Of course, if thin is the game, then tech is the name. The competition for the thinnest in consumer tech has been raging on since the early 2000’s, and we've progressed quite far since then. AONI Condoms - When conducting safe, protected sex, we’re often hindered by that very thin veil of dissatisfaction. Wallpaper TVs - Kicking back in the realm of consumer tech, another product that is often advertised for its thinness nowadays are TVs.
Burmese Gold Leaves - Gold is a very important cultural aspect of Myanmar. According to the country’s local Buddhist traditions, an offering of gold must be made as part of a religious pilgrimage. Fairy Feather Silk - Long ago, in the land of Yamato, in ancient Japan, the legend of the hagoromo - feathered kimonos of tennin - enthralled aristocrats throughout the centuries. Japanese Paper and Wood - Paper and word are two materials that, despite coming from a similar source, are typically very different from each other. IBM’s 5-Nanometer Chips - Of course, a list on 'the thinnest' things always needs to have at least one entry from Big Blue itself. This time, it's the company’s 5-nanometer silicon chip architecture. Nanoplates - Nanoplates are very, very thin sheets of single compound or element materials that are designed for various specific purposes. Graphene - Much like Nanoplates, graphene is similar in nature but it's already popular in its applications today.

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