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For more than 150 million years, dinosaurs ruled the earth. Now they still would today if it wasn’t for a calamitous comet. However, our earth has been here far longer than just the era of dinosaurs. On this episode we’ll take a look at 5 prehistoric creatures that weren’t dinosaurs.

5. Titanoboa
After Dinosaurs had long but died off, one of the largest predators to steak it claim over the land was Titanoboa. This giant snake was first discovered when scientists found huge fossils deposits all over South America.

4. Gorgonops
More than 250 million years ago, way before Dinosaurs ruled the earth, the prime predator of the time was a massive creature called Gorgonops. First discovered in Africa by Richard Owen in 1876, this bizarre monster measured up to 10 feet or 3 meters long and weighed as much as a cow.

3. Sarcosuchus
Dating back to the early Cretaceous Period, Sarcosuchus was by far the biggest and most dominate crocodile that ever lived. This prehistoric crocodile makes the modern day crocodiles insignificant in comparison.

2. Titanis walleri
One of the top predators of its day, this member of the Phorusrhacidae family was a flightless, carnivorous bird that roamed north and South America during the Cenozoic Era. Also known as Terror birds, these freakishly monstrous birds ruled South America for more than 58 million years.

1. Megatherium
Discovered in Brazil in 1789, this gigantic beast also known as the giant ground sloth was the size of an elephant. These magnificent creatures inhabited the grasslands of South America during the span between the early Pliocene era till the end of the Pleistocene period. Having colossal claws and weighing upwards of 9000 pounds or 4000 kg, the Megatherium was quite different than its distant relatives.


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