You Need a Man - Ahamed's Ramadan Diary - Uncensored -

By: Comedy CentralPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Intrusting Stuff

Ahamed speaks to his parents about his adopted dog named Almost and confronts his ex-girlfriend and her new beau.

Ahamed - Ahamed Weinberg
Rabia - Jasmine Kaur
Punkie - Punkie Johnson
Ismael - Ismael Loutfi
Homeless Phil - Dr. Brown
Ayesha - Catherine Weinberg
Jeff - Jeff Weinberg
Ahamed's Sister - Noor Weinberg
Rabia's Husband - Masi Hasher
Diner Waitress - Natalie Palamides

About Ahamed's Ramadan Diary:
Ahamed Weinberg is a Muslim man with a Jewish last name, who's navigating life and love while fasting for Ramadan.

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