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Disney Descendants 3: WHO IS MAL's FATHER? Everything we know about Mal's Dad - He can be no other than....
Hi Bunnies^^ Have you seen the new Disney Descendants 3 teaser trailer? It is EPIC! And finally finally finally we got some hints about Mal's father! In this Descendants 3 video, you will get to know all the known details so far about Mal's dad. Its not a lot, but enough to determine who the father might be! No other than the Lord of The Underworld: Hades - the antagonist from Hercules! The blue colour, the ancient, greek pillar, the fire - the way, he is able to communicate with Mal despite no magic on The Isle! (because Hades is in the Underworld, instead of The Isle of the Lost :P) And many many more hints. Watch the video to the end to get all the proof about Mal's father from the Descendants 3 movie.
Who do YOU think is Mal's father and what do you think he will do in Descendants 3? Please comment below :) Diablo the raven is not an option, as he was trapped on the Isle of the Lost in Raven form and hasnt been a human since!

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