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In this video, we take a look back at the classic horror film: Pet Sematary, and go down a list of some very interesting facts about the movie that you probably never knew about:

Stephen King based a lot of the things in Pet Sematary on his own personal experiences.

- His family moved into a house very similar to the one in Pet Semetary when he was teaching for a year at the University of Maine.

- During this time, his daughter, Naomi, was about Ellie creeds age, and she also had a cat.

- King and his family were warned about the road, and the Pet Semetary was actually pointed out to them as a place where a lot of animals that strayed out into the road had ended up.

- King, much like his character Louis Creed, got a call from his neighbor saying that he had a dead cat on his lawn, and he thinks it may be his daughters -- it was.

In case you didn't catch it, like a lot of films based off of his work, Stephen King makes a brief cameo as the preacher in the film.

Pet Semetery was published in 1983, which was about 4 to 5 years after it had actually been written. Stephen King had fallen into a depression while writing the book, and just packed it away into a drawer. However, he offered the book up to his publisher at the time, double day, which would conclude their contract.

Ludlow, Maine, is a fictional town. However, geographically speaking, it corresponds with Orrington, Maine, the town King was living in while he was writing the novel.

It was important to Stephen King to have Pet Sematary shot in Maine, and it was actually one of his requirements when the rights were acquired to make the film.

Ellie Creed was played by twins.

A sequel was rumored for a long time that was said to follow the life of Ellie Creed as an adult.

Executives wanted Director Mary Lambert to cast twins to take on the role of Gage, but she declined, stating that she fell in love with Nico and knew he'd be the right kid for the part.

Upon reading the script, Mary Lambert felt that Fred Gwynne would be perfect for the role of Judd Crandall.

Fred Gwynne believed he was meant to play the role of Judd Crandall.

There were 5-6 cats used in the film for the role of Ellie's cat, church. Each cat could do something different, so that's why they used so many.

A light flex was used to create the glowing eye effect for church. The director of photography would reverse the lens, which would give him the ability to adjust the lighting of the cat's eyes.

Director Mary Lambert didn't consider herself a horror director, nor had she done a horror film prior to Pet Semetary. After reading the script, she was very interested in what she could do visually with the film.

Mary Lambert met with paramount in regards to directing the film, but before being selected, she first had to pass the test of meeting up with Stephen King.

Whenever director Mary Lambert wanted to discuss something creatively about the film, King always made himself available to her.

Stephen King attended the script readings once the actors made it to Maine. While there, he'd drink a can of Jolt cola and read from the obituaries out-loud.

King actually lived about 20 minutes from the filming locations, so he was on-set a lot.

Fred Gwynne had to have his hair dyed white for the role of Judd Crandall, as he had black hair at the time, which also grew quite fast. Often times, he'd have to come on set early to have his hair dyed.

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