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What Price Bride Price?

Bride Price or lobola is both a cherished but highly controversial culture practised throughout Africa. It is the price paid in cows or money by the groom to the parents of the bride.

This inspirational documentary tackles important side effects of bride wealth, namely child marriages, domestic violence and poverty. It features a cross-section of survivors of domestic violence, judges, community leaders, policy makers and rights activists.

The makers believe there are various aspects of the practice of bride price that violate the Constitution of Uganda as well as binding International Human Rights laws.

We take the viewer into the lives of ordinary Ugandans as they share their experience on dowry.

This enlightening documentary also provides a wealth of information on the practice of Bride Price in different cultures in Uganda.


For more information contact:
Idah Leah Nabunnya - [email protected]
Website: www.mifumi.org

Notes for Journalists / Editors
MIFUMI Brief Organizational Profile
MIFUMI is a developmental NGO and women's rights organization. The organization has worked for over ten years to reduce the burden of poverty; addressing issues that hinder development by initiating developmental projects. MIFUMI particularly protects women and children experiencing domestic violence and bride price related violations.

MIFUMI's position on various issues around the practice of bride price is as follows:
1. Bride price should not form an essential ingredient of marriage, it should be non-obligatory
2. Bride price should not be refunded when a relationship breaks down. In 2015, MIFUMI's appeal case in the Supreme Court finally bore fruits; the demand for refund of bride price upon dissolution of a customary marriage was declared unconstitutional thus putting an end to a practice that tied women in loveless and violent unions.
3. At the death of a woman, before the payment/completed payment of bride price, burial should not be prevented and bride price should not be demanded. (MIFUMI has successfully embedded this into the Tororo district level policy through the Bridal Gifts Ordinance)

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