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TOP 10 Game Grumps One-Offs Ever! [FAN VOTED] - VideoRolls.com

By: LesmoBestOfsPublished: 1 year ago

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Thanks to everyone who voted! Of all the fan voted lists I've compiled this one was the closest by far, there was a single digit amount of votes between all ten entries on this list so always remember YOU VOTE MATTERS.

So here's the top ten one-off episodes on the Game Grumps channel OF ALL TIME (as of June 2017) according to YOU.


Runners up segment music: Fallen Down (Reprise) - Butterscotch cinnamon mix http://underveil.unisphere.tv/origin/


Runners up series: Drakkhen, Amazing World, Jordan Vs Bird, Ninjabread Man, Gubble, Endless Ocean, Default Dan, Spider-man 3, The Dog Island, Who's Your Daddy

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