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The Flu Is Killing 4,000 per week - Should You Be Staying Home? - VideoRolls.com

By: FullSpectrumSurvivalPublished: 7 months ago

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With the H3N2 variation of the Influenza Virus killing 4,000 per week, hospitalizing hundreds of thousands, and acting at pandemic levels, should you start thinking about when to stay home? When to call in sick from work, and how you and your family will react to a real biological threat?

There is no reason to panic at the level that the flu is at right now, but there is a reason to act cautiously. You should not be doing things that make you a statistic just like you should not be smoking if you don't want to be a statistic of lung disease or drinking and driving if you don't want to be a statistic of drunk driving car accidents.

What measures am I taking and how I boost my immune system to limit my exposure to the flu and to boost my ability to fight it off.

What are your thoughts and what are you doing to not get sick?

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