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📌In Islam we don't sell our kids with a dowry and a bride price; there is no dowry or bride price there is only something known as a #Mahr which is a gift from the #groom to the #bride subhanAllah. Allah made #Nikkah(#marriage) simple in order to avoid Haram. Both #MuftiMenk and #BilalAssad bring forward the matter that sometimes People make marriage hard because of Mahr so that Youngsters fall into Haram in this video clip with #Englishsubtitle. One definitely shares a portion of the sins if he/she is guilty; May Allah make it easy for us. Mufti Menk mentioned the famous Hadith of achieving Jannah (#paradise) for raising #daughter in Islam

💓💓💓Ismail Musa Menk was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. He is a student of knowledge trying to disseminate the Deen in the current age.

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