The Lonely Master (Jimmer Fredette) vs Starbury (Stephon Marbury) Full Duel Highlights (10.11.17) -

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I apologize for the quality of the video though I still strongly believe that this one is worth your time. There's nothing I can do about it and the original source of the clip was a total disaster. The audio is completely off and sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but I somehow manage to extract the best of the game and adjust it to the right timeline here for you all. If I just posted the full game, people who understand bball and Mandarin would consider it a bad quality vid. I never do click bait shit to my viewers!

Shanghai is definitely my team! I love the atmosphere and the fans, also that DJ is a WHITE English man! He speaks fluent Chinese and Shanghai dialiect! This just shows how special Shanghai is! Look at that MacBook Pro man! LMAO!

This game was actually kind of rigged! That three pointer late in OT shouldn't even have been counted! It was a two-pointer at best! Not to mention that Jimmer traveled so bad before releasing the shot. Here in CBA they never called that stupid pivot foot travel LOL! Growing up that hop-off-the-same-feet move has always been a sick move we used to go by defenders, but man it's illegal now! What seems funny to me was the opposing team didn't even do nothing about the shot. They didn't even realize it! This shot could've changed the game, and Shanghai would've lost. This just shows how crazy the home-court advantage here in CBA is!

I subtracted that three from Jimmer's triple double stats in hope of doing even a little justice to the opposing team. He still made ten threes though.. Even his miraculous hop three-point floater should've been counted a travel in the nba.....

And last but not least, Marbury can still play I gotta give him some credit! That one block was on Jimmer, and what induced the kisses twice!!! Jimmer's wife Whitney is very white and blonde, white and blonde like a barbie!

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