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to Know, we covered the story of how the electric car has been repeatedly suppressed for over a century. Only recently has this technology begun to emerge from the shadows, but are there other technologies from the past which have been mysteriously hidden or lost? Nikola Tesla was a brilliant scientist, and his contribution towards the design of our modern alternating current system of electricity means he will be remembered as a pioneer in his field for centuries to come.Whether you're old or young, rich or poor, we've all got that one song that just hits us right in the feels. At first glance this old Roman cup doesn't look like anything special; it's just a regular green goblet with a half-naked dude, a monkey and some chicks on it. King Mithridates the sixth of Pontus was the ruler of a region in modern-day Turkey between 120 and 63 BC who claimed to have been descended from Alexander the Great.

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