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The Spider and The Butterfly - Animated Short - VideoRolls.com

By: DragonfoxgirlPublished: 4 months ago

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A little white spider spends her days daydreaming about flying off to meet her other half from her hanging flower pot. Wishing the same company as the butterflies, she makes leaf wings to take off but falls in to the abyss of the grass bellow. There, she will meet a peculiar butterfly and together they'll find a way out of the grass and discover much more.

This is my first fully animated short. It is a labor of love that I've been working on since August of 2017. I'm so happy I get to share this milestone in my life and my career with all of you.

The entire musical score was done by the amazing themusicreborn aka Ben Banas. He's a fellow freelance artist so please check out his content.

The Music Reborn: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMusicReborn

Please enjoy it, comment it and share it.

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