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5 Dark Secrets The Vatican Doesn’t Want You To Know!


The Vatican has been an all-powerful organization since its inception. The Catholic Church is massively popular, with over 1.6 billion followers worldwide. It has enjoyed a storied history, with more than its fair share of successes. Spreading catholicism has been the Vatican’s one goal since its inception and it has done a great job doing so. While everything seems quiet with regard to the inner workings of this mysterious city, nobody can really be sure what’s happening behind closed doors. The secrecy that the Vatican is shrouded in is nigh impenetrable. Still, the information we are able to scrounge together does point toward the fact that the Vatican isn’t quite as holy as they would like us to believe. While Pope Francis has maintained an air of dignity since assuming his title, the same simply can’t be said for the vast majority of Popes that preceded him. With so many scandals to choose from it was hard to pull out our favourites, but we’ve done just that. We’ll leave final judgement up to you after we present 5 dark secrets the Vatican doesn’t want you to know. Let’s begin!

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