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We have, on many occasions, covered the many astonishing ancient, rock cut structures, which can be found in virtually all over the world. Megalithic creations, often carved from a single piece of stone, or dry built, constructed out of impossibly huge stones… and recently, we have touched upon the more impressive stone sites to be found, such as the horseshoe shaped piece of granite, decided upon by someone, or something, as the base rock for what many perceive to be the most impressive artistic wonder on earth.
A structure named after a mountain, we also suspect has witnessed extreme excavation work in the past.
As did, the Giza plateau… indeed, although little known, acres of solid natural stone were excavated out from the Giza plateau, as the foundation bed for the most incredibly elaborate pyramid found anywhere.
Who could have accomplished such gargantuan tasks over 3000 years ago?
But I digress.
Our topic of this video is a wonderful gem hidden upon our earth. In fact, the largest and seemingly most impressive of them all… So impressive in fact, a number of individuals, specialists, tasked with the investigation of this astonishing structure, and the construction thereof… Some for over 12 years of extensive investigation, have been resigned to the conclusion that alien influences could have only been responsible for the completion of the structure, at such an ancient time in our history.
Known as the lost city of Anghor, this due to its extended duration hidden beneath, several thousand highly established tree roots.
It was once the capital city of the Khmer Empire, which flourished from approximately the 9th to 15th centuries.
However, a similar theory can be applied regarding the Khmer empires success, to the ancient Egyptian civilisations notorious longevity… It is of course, a possibility, as we have covered regarding Giza before, that these ancient cultures, partook in probably the earliest form of graffiti, presumably ordered by current rulers, to add their own deity depictions to these already ancient and astonishing structures.
It would be a logical decision for a successful leader of an ancient group of people, namely, self-declared Hindu monarch, Jayavarman II, who also declared himself a "universal monarch" and a "god-king," to make the decision to claim such mastery as their own creation. When visitors entered the area, they would immediately assume that your group had constructed this awe-inspiring temple, undoubtedly intimidating, and additionally giving them incredible security to your people, as the temple even possessed an impressive moat… An instant advantage over all surrounding tribes.
Not hewn from a single rock, but created using no less impressive techniques, undoubtedly requiring the same perfection in artistic ability as Kailash temple.
5 million blank stone blocks were perfectly laid upon one another, slowly forming a template, these stones were then individually, and perfectly carved into the astonishing wonder we see before us today, as the blocks were pre-laid, this means whoever the sculptures were, only had one chance to get the carvings right, a feat they seemingly accomplished.
Who built the lost city of Angkor? Kailash? the pyramids? Baalbek etc, etc… the list of utterly perplexing sites grows every day, but thankfully, so does our knowledge.

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