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The first American conspiracy was the first colony, the lost colony, from England whom settled in Roanoke.

The very first colony of England in the new World disappeared without any signs of struggle only to leave behind a mysterious message.

Over 400 years ago, England made several attempts to establish colonies in what is now the United States. Some of the settlements were successful, some weren't, but the very first of them simply vanished.

The famous Lost Colony arrived in the New World in 1585 with a little over one hundred settlers, and they built a small fort and village on Roanoke Island, off the Atlantic coast of North Carolina.

Two years later, the first European baby was born on American soil to the daughter of the colony governor and one of his assistants. To celebrate, it was decided that the governor would return to England to request a replenishment of supplies and share the news of the birth with England's people.

Unfortunately, when he arrived England was at war, and needed every ship available to fight the Spanish Armada, and governor White was not able to return to Roanoke for three years.

When he returned in 1590, the settlement was deserted and all the buildings had been carefully dismantled. The colonists were never seen again. There were no signs of any struggle or battle.

Strangely, the only clues left from the settlement were a skeleton and the word “CROATOAN” carved into a post of one of the fences that surrounded the village. The word “CRO” had also been carved nearby into a tree.

Before the governor of the colony left, he instructed the settlement to carve a Maltese cross onto a tree nearby if the colony was gone due to force…but this was no found.

Some claim they were massacred by enemy natives who feared tribal prophecies, but this doesn’t make sense…as there were no signs of any struggle or battle…just a carefully dismantled settlement with no one there.

And what did the words CROATOAN and CRO mean?....just what happened to these people?

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