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MYSTERY WHEEL of IDENTITY (GAME MASTER Hidden Secret Revealed) HELLO NEIGHBOR & Granny Clues Solved! - VideoRolls.com

By: qbanguyPublished: 4 weeks ago

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MYSTERY WHEEL Guess Who identity Puzzle to Reveal the GAME MASTER! Hello Neighbor and Granny gave me all the hidden clues to solve the riddle after I caught him Spying on me and he left his Backpack at the secret location we met at the abandoned lake! before that, I spent 24 hours spying on the Game Master, because the clues from my last video led me to spy on My best friend Derek Deso. I decided to put a tracking device on Derek and follow him to see if he meets up with the game master! I discovered secret clues while spying on him that led me to uncover the truth about who's been playing the game on me! Game Master led me to find Clues at Toys R Us While He Spy on me and has Granny make me find secret Items to Decode a Hidden Message from the Mystery Riddle. We did a Lie Detector Test on DerekDeso in real life to find out if he's the secret Game Master in 2018 ! There's a lot of hidden secrets after many clues the Game master has left me. We had to solve his secret word puzzle mystery and also decode is surprise eggs message! He left us evidence to decode a hidden riddle but I need your help! Granny from the Game calls me to play a game, and After Being Called by The Game Master disguised as Hello Neighbor, I searched for hidden clues to find a Secret Spy Key maybe leading to a Treasure Chest? He must be tracking my with Spy Gadgets because After exploring I followed a Message we met at the School Park and It was My friend Derek! I thought I escaped him but Derek isn't the Game Master! After that he sent me on a mission to find Clues and hidden treasure Underwater at my friends Pool Underwater! He left me secrets and word puzzles to solve, and I have to figure out where to go next! He left me an abandoned treasure chest, with surprise eggs that have something inside I have to open! He also left a word puzzle to solve but derek erased it! I now have to put together his secret picture message left inside the surprise eggs to solve his game! He left me hidden items when we did a scavenger mystery box hunt inside my house and I found all the secret items but i couldn't solve what he wanted! So after meeting him in the woods he trapped us and we had to solve his riddle to be able to find the hidden keys and get into our car and go home! Now I will grab a backpack and spy gadgets and we have to find out with the mystery is so we can meet him at a secret location and return the gloves he left at the pool!

Game Master Vid #1 : https://goo.gl/pPCPbQ
Game Master Vid #2 : https://goo.gl/Kbf6Ua
Game Master Vid #3 : https://goo.gl/zqcun2
Game Master Vid #4 : https://goo.gl/w2jD27

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