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HOW TO PREPARE FOR RAMADAN - Muhammad Tim Humble Animated Islamic Video

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In this video Muhammad Tim Humble talk's about how you can prepare for ramadan by increasing in good deed's and abstaining from the haram & making sure you meet your 5 daily prayer's on time & try your best to do all of Tarawih prayer's during the night's of ramadan.
This is a month where you can obtain lot's of good deed's and Allah will forgive all your previous sins if you are obedient in this month!

You should also increase your memorisation of the Quran & read it everyday after Fajr.
Regarding moon sighting, you should follow the moon sighting in your local area and ask your community of Muslims.
Another option could be following Saudi Arabia's time, it is your choice.
Just make sure what ever method you choose, it conforms with the sharia.

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