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By: Mim ShaikhPublished: 2 years ago

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SHIA // SUNNI - A TrueTube / CTVC Film
Directed by Adam Tyler

BAFTA nominated, short educational film exploring the religious differences and commonalities between two sects in Islam.

Written: Bob Ayres & Adam Tyler
Fatimah: Aasiya Shah
Abubakr: Mim Shaikh
Produced: Bob Ayres & Adam Tyler
Director of Photography: Toby Lloyd
Production Co-ordinator: Jonathan Green
Production Designer: Jessica Toogood
Edited: Adam Tyler & Toby Lloyd
Production Assistant / Clapper Loader: Maddie Davies
Executive Producers: Stuart Porter & Peter Weil
Production Sound: Justin Smith
Camera Operator: Toby Lloyd
Casting Supervisor: Emily May Smith
Music Licensed from Audio Network

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