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Do you feel depressed , listen and everything will go away, God willing ll Quran Surah Yusuf - VideoRolls.com

By: Badr ChalgoumPublished: 4 years ago

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Quran , Surah Yusuf , The Reader : Saad Al Ghamidi

The goal of Surat Yusuf is to inform us that Allah's measure of things is different from the narrow human view, as if to say to us: "Trust in the measure of Allah, and persevere and do not despair."

The events in Surat Yusuf are strange, and they go against the outward appearance. So Joseph is a beloved son of his father, and this is a good thing, but as a result of this love his brothers threw him into the well. Although throwing Yusuf in the well is apparently bad, but the result of this dumping was to be in the house of Aziz. The presence of Yusuf in the house of Aziz is a good thing, but after this house was thrown in prison. The imprisonment of Sidna Yusuf is very bad, but as a result of this prison was his appointment as Aziz Egypt ...

Allah Almighty tells us through the story of Yusuf peace be upon him that he is the one who manages things, and may be one's view of the events that make him bad, but this view is limited to recognize the appreciation of Allah and wisdom in his execution.

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