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Venom: Sony’s Competing Marvel Universe, and the future of Spider-man - VideoRolls.com

By: Midnight's EdgePublished: 2 weeks ago

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Sony hid the movie Venom until the day of release. As it turned out, their reason for doing so was to delay poor reviews from reaching the airwaves, and not to conceal a Spider-man cameo, as some had speculated.

Spider-man was never going to be in Venom, as he is shared between Marvel and Sony, and locked up in the MCU - while Venom is strictly a Sony movie, made without Marvel’s involvement, set outside the MCU.

In this video, we will cover Venom’s origin, why Spider-man cannot be in the Venom movie, how Venom marks the beginning of Sony’s Spider-man universe, and how that in turn poses a major threat for Spider-man and the MCU.

Special thanks to Tyler “Bioshock” Rodriguez for script contributions.

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