Defeats of My Favorite Cartoon Villains Part 3 (Re-Upload) -

By: Micheal KennellyPublished: 9 months ago

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Villains Quotes:

"Hear me, Krabs. When I discover the formula for Krabby Patties, I'll run you out of business. I WENT TO COLLEGE!" -Plankton
"I really hate that hedgehog, I hate him, I hate him, HATE HIM, hate, hate, hate, HATE!" -Dr. Robotnik
"My crystal slaves..." -King Sombra
"Oh, Mr. Quackers, am I the only one who HATES those miserable little brats?" -HIM
"You're not the first monster to fall victim to their magic." -Toffee
"Guess who, Pen-gyu-ins!" -Dr. Blowhole
"I shall feast on all of Crystal Cove!" -Evil Entity
"Belittle? He's always been little!" -Eddy’s Brother
"No. Justice must be had by any means necessary." -Shadow the Hedgehog

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