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Lego Batman with Harley Quinn and her Cannonball Car at Arkham Asylum with Gentleman Ghost and Crazy Quilt going inside, by ToysReviewToys. Harley Quinn goes to Arkham Asylum to get Joker. Lego Batman and Robin find Harley Quinn. Batgirl rescues Lego Batman and gets Crazy Quilt with the Phantom Zone Projector. This video is made by the "ToysReviewToys" channel.

Below are the videos in the end screen:

Lego Batman with Flash and Bat Shuttle Rescuing Superman

Lego Batman Meets Captain Boomerang with Bat-Dune Buggy

Lego Batman Meets the Egghead Mech and Condiment King

Lego Duplo Spiderman and Hulk at the Shooting Gallery

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