Lego Robot Wars - GWBS 2017 -

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PLEASE NOTE: It has been recognised by the organisers of this event that the safety of the audience was not adequate, therefore protective barriers will be added to the arena for future events.

Fight highlights from the Robot Wars exhibitions featured at the annual 'Great Western Brick Show', a Lego event held at STEAM: The Museum of the Great Western Railway, in Swindon UK.

Robot rules:
- 1kg weight limit
- must fit inside a 32 x 32 x 32 stud cube
- must be 100% genuine Lego parts
- must use the 'Power Functions' parts for control

Fight rules:
- last a maximum of 2 minutes
- ends when a robot is immobilised, goes down the pit or goes out the arena
- if there's no clear winner after 2 mins, the winner is decided by audience vote

The fights were selected at random, in order for all the roboteers to get an equal number of turns. The sessions concluded with a 4-way rumble (featuring bots with only 2 motors channels each).

Featured robots:

'The Brick Seperator' (ram bot) - Tim Goddard
'Mr Plow' (ram/lifter) - Nick Barrett
'The Flail' (thwak bot) - Nick Barrett
'Shove Ha'pennin' (lifter) - Jason Railton
'Iron Hammer' (thwak bot) - Jacob Walker
'Low Blow' (spinner) - Mike Grieve
'Thunder and Lightning' (cluster bot) - Barney Main
'First Lobster' (grabber/flail) - Barney Main
'Exoclaw' (spinner) - Jamie Douglas
'(Robot) Oppenheimer' (spinner) - Jamie Douglas
'Wonderbolt' (spinner) - Andrew Harvey
'Sunny Side Up' (pneumatic flipper) - Andrew Harvey

Music: Stop the Rock - Apollo 440

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