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Some people are definitely freaked out by what lives under the surface of our oceans and seas. Sure, there are some rather creepy things living down there, but there’s a lot of fascinating life as well. From ‘regular’ fish to sharks to just plain strange things, we’ve got 10 of the biggest creatures that most of us know very little about.
We’ll start off with the terrifying Goblin fish who is not only rare but has a face not even its mother could love. Sticking with scary looking, we’ll introduce you to the Atlantic Wolffish. Jellyfish come in all shapes and sizes but when cameras caught a massive and rare one it made headlines around the globe. Of course we’ll talk about the Colossal Squid which is rarely seen and likely the basis for so many Kraken legends. We’ll show you a massive sponge discovered off the coast of Hawaii which is believed to be one of the oldest animals on Earth. As everyone loves sharks, we’ll teach you about the rarely seen Megamouth variety. If you need a break from fish, we could always serve up some Japanese Spider Crabs which can get disturbingly large. Ever heard of an Oarfish? Apparently they can get really large and make headlines when the odd one washes up on shore. Eels creep everyone out so we’ll tell you about a big variety known as the Conger Eel. Finally, like a creature out of a James Cameron film we’ll introduce you to the Giant Fire Salp. It’s so alien-like it’s fascinating and scary at the same time.

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