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Nouman Ali Khan talks to HOTD about forced marriages -

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Here on Hadith of the Day (HOTD) we receive thousands of emails a month from the HOTD family.

Many of those emails revolve about forced marriages and we just felt this issue had to be addressed. Many of our youth are going through such issues at the moment and need advice as they're being pressured to marry someone they do not want to. Many of the parents out there also need advice and education and need to learn to trust their children more. In summary there needs to be mutual respect between children and parents. Always respect your parents but there's nothing wrong with having an opinion and airing it respectfully.

We then asked Nouman Ali Khan, one of the most inspirational speakers in the world to speak about this issue as it resonates with so many of our members. Alhamdulillah he agreed and he recorded this special video for HOTD members and for the Ummah at large.

This video is so vital in the education of why forced marriages are wrong. So once you have watched please share this link on your Facebook, Twitter, email, whatsapp groups. Please share to inspire others. Do not forget to SHARE. You never know how this one small action of yours could change someone's life.

Nouman will also be recording future videos Insha'Allah so if you have any topics you'd like us to consider email us on [email protected]

Thanks for watching.

Love & Duas.

The HOTD Team

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