Kevin Hart Roast the HeII of Justin Bieber ( Uncensored ) -

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Check out the funniest, most OMG digs from the bad-boy pop star's Comedy Central takedown Remember: He asked for this. .Justin Bieber made no bones about his desire to be roasted in a public forum for months – an odd choice for a guy who is fried by the tabloid press with startling regularity. But truly, who can understand all the mysteries of the Biebs? So per request, Comedy Central delivered with a star-studded bash for the pop singer-cum-enfant-terrible — emphasis on the "bash" — and finally aired the results last night. Although most people associate roasts with colleagues and loved ones taking a cherished pal down a peg or two, all done in good fun, Bieber was upbraided by a motley crew of familiar faces, all with their knives out and their tongues sharp. The beleaguered Canadian probably doesn't spend the majority of his off-time hanging with the likes of Jeff Ross, Hannibal Buress, Natasha Leggero, Snoop Dogg, Shaquille O'Neal, Will Ferrell or Martha Stewart, which means that the network essentially hired a bunch of famous strangers to say mean things to someone (and occasionally each other) that they don't really know, all as part of a televised event. Once again: the kid insisted on this. So did it hurt? You better Beliebe it did. Here are some of the night's funniest, did-they-actually-just-say-that?! lines. 1. Kevin Hart: "He's got a perfume called Girlfriend. That's not gangster, Justin!" Roastmaster Kevin Hart took great pleasure in enumerating the many ways in which Bieber is not a gangster, from nearly getting punched by Orlando Bloom to throwing eggs as retaliation against a particularly unfriendly neighbor — but all he really needed to do was remind us of Bieber's perfume line. (He also has a scent called "Someday," Kevin. We can't make this stuff up.) 2. Pete Davidson: "Soul Plane was the worst experience of my life involving a plane." The newbie Saturday Night Live star made this crack mere seconds after reminding the audience that his firefighter father died on 9/11.

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