Donna Brazile to Tucker Carlson: Hillary Campaign Bigs Were ‘Condescending and Dismissive’ 11/8/17 -

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ormer DNC interim chair Donna Brazile has been omnipresent on cable news this week as she promotes her explosive new book alleging that the fix was in for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary. On Wednesday Brazile’s media tour made its most unlikely stop yet: Tucker Carlson Tonight.
Brazile sat down for a wide-ranging two segment interview with Tucker Carlson. We’ll be posting shortly about a contentious exchange between the two in the second part of the conversation. But during the first half of the chat, Carlson was unusually deferential as he asked Brazile about a portion of the book in which the former party hed charged members of the Clinton campaign — namely campaign director Robby Mook — with ageism and sexism.
After reading an excerpt of the book, Carlson asked Brazile about her charges.
“It was also generational,” Brazile said of the disrespect she felt during the campaign. “I come from the old school.”
Carlson pressed on Brazile’s claims. She stood firmly behind them.

“It was dismissive,” Brazile said of the attitudes towards her from certain members of the Clinton campaign. “Condescending and dismissive.”

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